Ultra-running Food

Having been gifted a new running book for a recent birthday and having suffered from “unmentionable” dodgy stomach and digestive scenarios during distance running and racing, I have started treating all my longer runs as Nutritional experiments: what works, what’s best avoided.

I have found that dairy is a big problem for me (especially in conjunction with mushrooms e.g. stroganoff or shrooms n stilton, with a 100% disaster rate!) So in a bid to eliminate one more tragedy and make running more pleasant I generally reduce my intake to ALARP* before a longer run and watch every ingredient before races. This means I have had to do (gasp) proper research and become a food-label troll.

YUM! Kara Dairy free

My recent discovery, much to the delight of my taste-buds, has been coconut water. Specifically Kara dairy free chocolate coconut drink…wow, it tastes amazing! And 250 ml will deliver more carbohydrate than the average energy gel.

I also enjoy rice milk but I don’t think it offers the same electrolyte salts as coconut products do and this Kara product actually tastes better. BEWARE soya and dairy free products which use oil as the thickener or often to give the product a non-grainy, glossy consistency. Kara uses carageenan, a natural seaweed product. As I said- label trawling is the only way to avoid the secret crap so-called healthy products can often hide within!  So, armed with my new magic drink (easily digested before the run if youre short on fuel but need to get out the door) I’m planning to use this as part of my Speyside Way Ultra race-day nutrition instead of a carb drink! Luckily, I’ve still got time to test this out in conjunction with the UltrAspire handheld bottles.  

Organix carrot cake flapjack, choc rice milk, Soreen loaf slice, Cherry mule gel, salty snack c/o KLM airlines

The Organix flapjacks are made with orange juice, not butter and have no colourants or additives and of all the gels I’ve tried, I really like the flavour and texture of the cherry mule with it’s brown rice syrup and non-chemical taste. Try em, see if you like em. Any hints n tips for other similar products or brands, let me know 🙂

http://scottjurek.com/ – recipes and more!

http://roryfreedman.com/ – the original skinny bitch, has loads to say on non-dairy if you’re interested.

* ALARP – as low as reasonably practicable


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