Phase 1- we are leeeeft off

OK, so I’ve started with week 1 of a marathon training regime. I’ve taken a huge cauldron called, erm, MS Excel and applied a modicum of David Kheul along with some VDots, previous experience and my own brand of cross-training and voila; I should be good to crank out a decent 26.2-er in April sometime! Of course, that’s taking into account that I will be starting a new job, life and the acclimitisation which goes with it around about March time, but hey-ho, let’s see how we go. You neeever know what delays might (and usually do) occur with the whole Visa and life lobotomy known as Ex-pat relocation.

It’s been good actually getting into ther swing of things when I’m off work and everyone else is a little distracted with last minute Crimbo shopping (did mine in November blah-blah) and buying loads of food they’ll never eat. It’s simple for us this year as we’re all going out to a hotel for food so I haven’t had to go to Tesco’s and play mario-kart with the usual crowds.

So week 1 started with a bit of retrospect and a nod to the ever present achilles issue. I’m going to keep reminding myself about it even though my first inclination is to shut up about it forever, deal with the pain and only worry if I collapse at the side of the road unable to stand-up. That’s why I kinda liked the look of this graph, which shows my recent reinterpretation of training equalling” just running”. Not anymore!monthly

So the scores on the doors are two phases –  endurance and stamina – with 7 weeks of each plus a mini-downturn week in the middle of each phase and a low week between phases. Long runs build up then knock back every 4th week. Intervals in phase 1 are replaced by tempo runs at RP-5% in phase 2. My cross-training will be swimming, cycling and circuits incorporating weights. I am really enjoying being in the pool and looking forward to a more regular weekly meeting. Who can argue with the no-impact aspect and a lovely sauna afterwards?

Santa has also been directed to the sale for one of their turbo trainers so we can turn the old heavy lead mountain bike into an exercise machine for those blustery nights when the short trip to the gym seems too far!

tough mudder I’ve also been volunteered into the work’s Tough Mudder team; at the very least I will use my training background (ahem) to help the newbie runners to get in shape prior to the August event in Edinburgh. Again- signing up for something when I’ll be living 10 time-zones away just seems crazy but I don’t have any doubt that my enthusiasm, motivational techniques (I am both good cop and bad cop depending on the audiences needs) and love of a good training plan, will be welcomed by the Women’s Team 😉

I’m sure they’ll all hate me before long as I’ve already scheduled some time trials on trail to sort the ladies from the ladettes. Hopefully their weekly 3 miler can count as my easy-run, at least for the first few weeks!


One thought on “Phase 1- we are leeeeft off

  1. So you’re moving to Brunei?! I used to live in Jakarta – I loved Indonesia, and the fact that Bali is a ‘local’ holiday is no bad thing. 😉 Good luck with the Tough Mudder training. I did this year’s in July, and it was good fun, but I think once was enough!

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