St. Kilda

Jumping for the sheer Helluvit

Here I am on the most beautiful island on God’s Green planet – Hirta, part of the St. Kilda cluster. I’ve been obsessed by these islands forEVER and rightly so. I was lucky enough to spend 5 wonderful and breathclenching hours there last month and I didn’t waste anytime putting my INOV8s to good use, clambering amongst the cleits and yomping vertically to get the best photo vantage.

I did find the running tough- the island is split by The Gap, between two largish hills with nothing but steep ascenst. It *is* difficult to exercise whilst holding your breath! I took a video of myself in my running club buff; possibly the only place on Earth where I am destined to remain one of the fastest ever Cosmic Hillbashers! I hope you love these pictures and views as much as I do. If you get the chance to visit please take the opportunity; make sure you watch out for the nesting birds on the upper slopes; Giant Skuas nest in the heath and the males can be very aggressive when protecting their nesting hen! If you do get caught out, just move slowly and the birds will guide you, in a herding fashion, away from the (sometimes hard to spot) ground nests! Post 15/07/2012

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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