NyStat 040712


Ah, an outlet for my brain…..(stretches cerebrum), now THAT feels better! Patience please while I build some sort of structure on which to hang my life, my thoughts…….

Today has been a typical stramash of NywandaWorld:

  • woken by the cat alarms- many thanks to Stinky & Azul for the Miaow choir
  • running in the rain (welcome to Scotland), half-mara training for a friend
  • rushing to wash, change, meet lunch-buddy
  • car-parking and driving mayhem; life flashes before eyes
  • bite back sarcasm and smile tight lippedly instead
  • house-work, cooking, cat maintenance
  • computering, facebooking, planning the weekend away on the West Coast

It’s not a bad life but the term “day off” rarely applies. if I ever had the chance to sleep in, would I?